: : MGM

The full form of MGM is Member Gets Member. It has been introduced by the company so as to provide regular surfers with an opportunity to become a company (Plenet G) member and avail of all facilities provided by the company. MGM is a point-based scheme under which the member gets point on introduction of new members by him or by people under his down line. The member or Ambassador as he is called can use these points for surfing or playing games. Points do not have any exchange or monetary value once sold or given by the company or its franchise.

According to MGM scheme when you pay Rs. 500 to the company as a one-time registration charge, you become a life member of Plenet G. On becoming a member, you will be given a unique Member ID, Password and secret PIN number that you can change later to whatever you deem as secret number or password. Password and PIN number are useful for surfing and playing games at Plenet G or from any other place where you have a computer & net connection.

A member is also called an Ambassador till the time he introduces three new members on introduction of the 3rd member he becomes an Independent Ambassador (IA). As an Ambassador when you make your first member A and second member B, you get 125 points each. On making your 3rd member C, you shall get 250 points and you shall be called Independent Ambassador (IA) and your own down line shall start. On addition of members (Ambassadors) A & B under your direct C shall get a commission of 125 points on each Ambassador. For every Ambassador under your down line to become an Independent Ambassador (IA) he shall have to make 2 Ambassadors under him (your indirect down line). That would help you to increase your down line and earn 125 points on each ambassador. After becoming IA, you shall get 250 points on each Ambassador you make directly and 125 points on each A & B Ambassador made under your direct C Ambassador.