: : FAQ

Ques 1 : I have never been on the Internet before. Is there someone there to help me?

Of course. Our goal is to provide everybody with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere to explore the Internet. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to lend a hand or offer guidance. However, if you require extra attention, we would suggest you participate in our Introduction to the Internet Lesson.

Ques 2 : Can you network games together so I can play my friends?

Absolutely! With ten computer stations, you can invite your friends and even their friends.

Ques 3 : I have software that I use for my business or a game that I like. Can you load it on your system?

We strive to keep up with the most popular business applications and software and we may already have it.

Unfortunately, some software can conflict with other programs, and cause a number of problems. We are always open to your suggestions, and will always look into adding software to accommodate our customers.

Ques 4 : What speed is your Internet connection?

We are hooked up with an Internet connection that's faster than 56K modems. No, that's not a misprint.

Here at Plenet G you'll experience the Internet in a whole new way. Web page graphics will pop up on your screen instantly. Large animations will load and play in just seconds. Streaming video will play smoothly-without any annoying skips. In other words, if you've never seen the Internet at full speed, you've never really seen all the Internet can be and do.

Ques 5 : Do you design and host web pages?

Yes we do. We can design a web site for your business or organization.

Ques 6 : Can I print out stuff there?

Of course. We have both black and white and color laser jet printers for your use. See the services page for current prices.